Before Buying any Teeth Whitening Equipment…

A 9-Point Check List.


1/ Does the machine use the latest Technology?
Beware of old LED technology ‘dumping’.

If it does not have Ultrasonic Technology, it is possibly older soon to be surpassed technology.
Clients expect professionals to use modern ‘state of the art’ equipment.

Professional systems usually cost more because of their higher specifications, however, it is well documented that your cost of disappointed clients, lack of return business, and client referrals could cost you thousands more.

2/ Can the machine be serviced in NZ? 
In general, suppliers offer ‘Parts Only’ Guarantees.
This means you would need to ship your machine back to some overseas supplier at YOUR cost, often more than $NZD1,000.
Plus, pay the servicing Technicians labour charges.

3/ Are parts still available?
Parts for many older whitening lights are no longer available.
If a Chinese made machine non production parts are seldom available.

4/ Does the supplier offer ‘Hands-On’ mentored professional training?
Handbook, DVD, Video, YouTube, etc training can be very DANGEROUS.

It is how most costly mistakes are made, and clients get harmed generally as a result of ignorance.

This is why for NZCTWA Registered Practitioner Certification you now must provide evidence of ‘hands-on’ MENTORED training according to NZ Law.

If not, the Practical training for NZCTWA Registered Practitioner Certification is an additional cost to consider. Allow $2,000+

5/ Is the Gel delivered to the Teeth directly, or by some outdated tray?
Tray delivery was created for countries who do not allow non-dentists to apply whitening gel directly to teeth.

Tray delivery is probably the worst way of whitening teeth because the gel can squish up onto gums causing gum irritation.

Moreover, some tray delivery systems use foam strips that block the light from reaching teeth.
This can produce a mottled effect on results.

6/ Does the suppliers whitening gel contain MEDICAL Grade Hydrogen Peroxide?
If cheap Food Grade Peroxide it may cause issues for you. Such as mottled results, Gum Blanching, Sensitivity issues. etc.

Don’t you think a professional service should be accompanied by use of professional products?

7/ How much Whitening Gel does the machine use?

New technology Ultrasonic machines not only produce whiter results in a shorter time, but you use up to 60% less Whitening Gel. Saving you hundreds every year.

8/ Is the Equipment a Registered Medical Professional device, or just a weaker ‘Salon Grade’ machine that can take as much as twice as long causing client discomfort.

Salon Grade Machines can be outdated technology being ‘dumped’ upon the unaware.

Some about as powerful as putting an LED torch in your mouth and expecting Professional Results.

9/ Importing?
Do you have a Current Customs Importer Code?

If not, you may need to apply 2-weeks before your shipment arrives.

Customs won’t release your shipment until you have an importer code.

If delayed the freight company may charge you demurrage (cost of holding) if more than a couple of days.

Have you factored in other import costs…?
> GST you will pay at the NZ Border.
> Shipping Costs if not FOB?
> NZ Customs Costs?
> Demurrage if charged?
> NZ courier cost from NZ import entry point to your clinic?

Do your homework before buying, or importing