The New Zealand Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Association [NZCTWA] is a Ministry Of Health (MOH) recognised Self - Regulating trade group devoted to protecting public safety by ensuring teeth whitening practitioners are professionally trained, Certified and regulated

 It is a non-profit Association

 Dealing with an NZCTWA Registered Teeth Whitening Practitioner displaying NZCTWA Certification is the public assurance that they are dealing with a trained, qualified, and safe Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Practitioner or vendor who takes pride in the quality of their service and care


The New Zealand Governments Environmental Risk Management Authority known as the Environmental Protection Authority [EPA] has established clear rules around teeth whiteners containing hydrogen peroxide and their use (EPA July 2011)
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Non Dentist Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Practitioners may USE products containing up to 12 percent hydrogen peroxide for in-chair treatments

Products containing more than 12 percent hydrogen peroxide can be used by a Registered Dentist or a person under the supervision of a Dentist

OTC Teeth Whitening Products

New Zealand Law also includes specific requirements for labelling of over-the-counter OTC tooth whitening products such as you would find in a Chemist, Supermarket, Beauty Salon, Spa, Gym, and the like, OR Sold in the Internet

‘Over the counter’ [OTC] Teeth whitening products must contain less than 7 percent hydrogen peroxide [HP] or Cabamide Peroxide (CP) equivalent being 19.355%* CP

*The HP to CP formula conversion is; 1% hydrogen peroxide is equivalent to 2.765% carbamide peroxide:
1% H2O2 = 2.765% carbamide peroxide or % carbamide peroxide = % H2O2 x 2.765 and the reverse:
1% carbamide peroxide = 0.361% H2O2 or % H2O2 = % carbamide peroxide /2.765

PLUS – Such OTC products are required to comply with these Labelling rules

Clause 3.4 Accordingly, in order to manage the risks of tooth-whitening products sold to the general public, OTC tooth-whitening products containing or releasing less than 7% hydrogen peroxide must have on the label, information that is equivalent to the following precautionary statements:

“If irritation develops, discontinue use. If irritation continues, consult a dentist”;
“Use for longer than 14 days is not recommended except under the supervision of a dentist”;
“Not recommended for use on children under 16 years of age”;
“Avoid swallowing”; and
“Avoid direct contact of the product with gums or eyes”.

In New Zealand, the NZ Governments Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) (formerly ERMA) has established Public Safety Standards for the Cosmetic Teeth Whitening products suppliers and practitioners of our industry
– see NZCTWA media release and full ERMA Public Safety Rules.
New Zealand Law


Dealing with a NZCTWA Registered Teeth Whitening Practitioner displaying NZCTWA Registration is your assurance that you’re dealing with a professionally trained, qualified and safe Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Practitioner who takes a pride in the quality of their service and care.

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