The New Zealand Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Association [NZCTWA] is a Ministry Of Health (MOH) recognised Self - Regulating trade group devoted to protecting public safety by ensuring teeth whitening practitioners are professionally trained, Certified and regulated

 It is a non-profit Association

 Dealing with an NZCTWA Registered Teeth Whitening Practitioner displaying NZCTWA Certification is the public assurance that they are dealing with a trained, qualified, and safe Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Practitioner or vendor who takes pride in the quality of their service and care


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In New Zealand, the NZ Governments Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) (formerly ERMA) has established Public Safety Standards for the Cosmetic Teeth Whitening products suppliers and practitioners of our industry
- see NZCTWA media release and full ERMA Public Safety Rules.
- New Zealand Law